Courtesy of Pelle Island Download (WKSU Only) In The Region: Health officials are warning residents of Canadas Pelee Island not to use the water or beaches because of a Lake Erie toxicalgae bloom. The island is just 26 miles north of Erie County on Ohios lake shore. The countys director of environmental health, Bob England, says the Pelee Island warning has put his department on higher alert. He says so far, none of the water treatment plants in Erie County have reported elevated levels of the blue-green algae. And he says theyre monitoring the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations algae prediction site. LISTEN: Early warning on algae Other options: MP3 Download (0:24) They can … notify us two or three days visit this website in advance where they anticipate the algae bloom is going to be. So if we see it moving along the coastline in Erie County, or towards Kellys Island, which is within our health district, we would be on high alert and be communicating with … our superintendents of water and utility operators and making sure theyre on high alert. The Pelee Island algae warning follows the early August alert in Toledo that left more than 400,000 people without drinking water for nearly three days.